Current issue

Vol. 11, summer-spring 2014


Filip Biały
History and Security: Tangled Roads to Freedom

Politics and History

Joanna Kałużna
„Service for Poland” Organization and the Material Forms of Memory Rematch

Piotr Kuligowski
Controversy about the History and Identity. An Analysis of „Marching Discourses”

Igor Ksenicz
Polish-Ukrainian Conflict of 1943–1947 in Polish Historiography and Political Debate

Martyna Kobierska
Kosovan Myth in Serbian Nationalist Thought

Paulina Warchoł
Politics of Memory in Japan-China Diplomatic Relations. Nanking Massacre and Japanese History Books as a Background of International Conflict

Rafał Kamprowski
Counterfactual Attempt to Look at the Political History of Poland

Dimensions of Security

Wojciech Krzysztof Zieliński
Hydrological Security in People’s Republic of China

Mateusz Garbaciak
The Importance of Azerbaijan in the Context of Energy Security

Katarzyna Smolińska, Agata Przemieniecka
Respondents about the Nuclear Power in Poland. Results of the Research

Mateusz Karatysz
The Phenomenon of Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Policy in the Regulations of the Council of Europe, the European Union and Polish Law

Ewa Kaja
European Union on the Midterrainian „Stage”

Polemics and Disscusions

Maciej Karczewski
Is Political Science Interdisciplinary? A Few Words about the Subject of Knowledge and the Identity of the Discipline

Łukasz Scheffs
In Defense of Political Marketing

Michał Baluch
Psychology as the Necessary Component of Political Science

For Authors