For authors

The next issue of journal will be dedicated to the following subjects:

  • Internet and politics
  • Conflicts in politics

Deadline for sending publication proposals: December 31st, 2015. The issue will be published in July/August 2016.

We are open for various forms of publications: articles, essays, book reviews, interviews, reports and translations. Articles and essays should not be longer than 15 pages (1800 characters per page, interline 1.5); reviews and reports should be 4 pages or less.

Every publication proposal must meet editorial requirements, otherwise it will be send back to author. Every material should be accompanied by information about the author: first and last name, represented academic institution, exact correspondence address, including telephone number and e-mail.

The papers should be saved in Microsoft Word 2003 format (DOC). All materials should be sent on e-mail address:

The authors of all texts are obliged to submit a signed statement of the transfer of copyright to the publication and of the independent preparation of the text and its original character.